Jewelrix是一个功能强大且完全响应的模板,运行在Magento 2框架上. 最适合珠宝网店, 它也可以调整到适合美丽, fashion, 还有很多其他的...
Sales: 187
Support: 4.1/5
Elegant responsive design of this handmade jewelry Magento template makes it well suited for creating a trendy and attention-grabbing online store. 流畅的视觉效果由HTML和JS提供支持...
Sales: 43
Support: 3/5
JewelryTown Magento主题
JewelryTown is a fully responsive Jewelry Magento Template that will look stunning across a variety of last-generation devices. 其干净的布局风格增强了视差滚动...
Sales: 13
Support: 3/5
销售高级珠宝只是故事的一部分. Enjoyable and fun online shopping experience is just what can make any business a success. 在设计演示的帮助下,所有这些都是可能的...
Sales: 9
Support: 3/5
这个珠宝店Magento设计模板是响应什么是它?This is actually the ability of the page layout to change based on the width of the screen. 为什么好??响应设计...
Sales: 13
Support: 3/5
我们相信珠宝不需要额外的装饰, 所以我们的设计师创造了一个相当小的环境来放置你的收藏品. 这样,你展示的产品就能抓住参观者的眼球。...
Sales: 37
Support: 3/5
Today, 手工首饰是追逐时尚潮流的人的必备品, 但同时又想与众不同. 这就是为什么现在是开始在网上销售珠宝的好时机. 我们的模板...
Sales: 9
Support: 3/5
SM Sunshine - is an extremely powerful and flexible premium Magento 2 theme with responsive design. 特别适合时尚鞋店,运动鞋,慢跑者,时尚
Sales: 2
Support: 3.3/5


网站的开发首先要研究方向的特点, 目标受众, 竞争环境. 网上商店必须满足许多要求. 其中之一是扩大业务规模的机会. Your resource should be adapted to increase the number of visitors, processing many orders.

适当的网站开发和优化可以增加客户数量. Sales depend on professionalism and interest in the development of employees' business. A manager or consultant who does not understand the meaning of the term "service" or does not know how to work with clients is able to nullify all the efforts of SEO or contextual advertising, 为推广品牌而制作. Strict recruitment and immediate dismissal of people who do not meet the established criteria are unpleasant but extremely important tasks. 专业并对实现最高效率感兴趣, 员工是成功最重要的因素.

但是,如果我们告诉你一个非常简单的方法,保证得到一个伟大的网站? 看看我们收集的珠宝Magento模板. 这是一个现成的网站与一个美妙的设计.


通过选择我们的珠宝Magento模板, 除了伟大的设计, 你会得到一套很酷的功能为您的网站, such as:

响应设计. It means that the web page changes its shape and size to fit any specific display screen, 从最小的设备到最大的笔记本电脑屏幕. 网页组件变得更大或大大缩小,以便看起来适合任何设备. 手机驱动着全球80%的互联网使用. It's vital to help make your internet site responsive if you do not want to lose your current customers.

视差动画. Parallax is a front-end visual approach associated with images moving more slowly than the background to make a "depth" impression. Parallax scrolling effect looks stunning and appeals to users' sight to the pictures and content modules.

搜索引擎友好. A high ranking in search engine results pages is great for many reasons: more organic traffic, 不需要广告, 更好的声誉, etc. 因此,我们的Drink OpenCart模板都是搜索引擎友好的. This means that you will not have to worry about making a good search engine website - you will only need to fill it up with awesome content.

Bootstrap是一系列带有开源代码的工具. 它适用于用HTML, CSS和Javascript构建网站和web应用程序. Bootstrap scales any of your websites from smartphones to desktop computers using the same codebase. 它使web开发过程更快,更容易.

技术支持. Each Jewelry Magento template comes with free 24-hour technical support for six months. 是否有需要解决的问题? 只需打开聊天客户端,立即og体育的专业顾问之一. 他们很乐意在任何时候提供帮助. 我们的主题也有完整的技术文档, 这样你就可以了解你需要知道的关于你的网站的一切.


产品展示的方式比任何语言都更有说服力. That's why choosing the online store with effective visual appeal and good functionality. All this is to be found in the elegant Magento Jewelry themes - the ready-made eCommerce solutions for bringing jewelry business online.

These themes possess the power to make a shop noticeable among others and bring it the ever-increasing number of sales. Magento宝石模板具有产品的列表和网格视图. The jQuery slider with the full-scale background image is aimed at presenting the featured luxury items in the most efficient way. The clean and clear style of these designs with the emphasis on the products is a perfect fit for online jewelry stores.

eCommerce Website Creation with Jewelry Design Shop Magento 模板: Tips and Tricks

Magento is a popular open-source content management system focused on developing online stores. 该CMS基于PHP和ZendFramework技术. The Magento system is very convenient for administrators and users (buyers) of the site.

多亏了大量的工具和广泛的功能, Magento在网上商店开发商中很受欢迎. Magento现在是Ebay Inc .的一部分.

The Magento engine is quite flexible and allows you to greatly diversify the system and make any fine adjustments. That is why it is compatible with large online stores with a special sales experience and specific customer needs.

But this does not mean that this content management system cannot be used in small commercial sites. 这里的要点是Magento对资源的要求非常高, 因此, 在上面开一个小店面在经济上是不可行的. After all, when developing this CMS, you will need to spend much more money on hosting resources. 此外,您将不得不购买一个域并支付开发团队的时间.

Therefore, it is worth choosing Magento over alternatives only if there are real reasons for it. 主要原因是你经营的是一家大型企业.

在Magento上创建一个网站可以带来很多惊喜. Even after many years of working with the engine, developers notice new features and functionality.




不幸的是,转售现成的主题是被禁止的. 你能做的就是购买你喜欢的物品, host it, 改变内容并将其作为现成产品出售. 请随时查看联盟计划. 每卖出一笔,你都能得到一笔可观的佣金.


请使用左侧栏上的过滤器. Before starting, you need to identify the main purpose of your website, the style, and your budget. 您将能够按价格筛选产品, tags, features, 语言支持, 珠宝Magento兼容性, and more. 检查演示版本,看看整体外观和功能.


你不能. 我们保护顾客的隐私.


转到开始销售页面. 你会发现所有的条件.


We have collected 10+ useful tools for your Jewelry Design Shop Magento stores that will help you to increase sales and improve customer experience. 观看视频,选择你的完美方式来提高转化率. Suitable for jewelers, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and amulet shops Magento projects.